The Journey to Spiritual Fusions

Hi, my name is Itha Trantham, founder of Spiritual Fusions. 

Who am I and how I came to be Spiritual Fusions? To start, I was born and raised in Charleston, SC. Yes, I love the beach with the wind that blows off the ocean waves from lands afar and the feeling of sand between my toes. But off to college I went to Sewanee, TN and my love of the mountains, trees, and streams began. I also found my lovely husband and was blessed with two beautiful, talented and strong girls.

Through the years, I have enjoyed a wonderful career in the theatre, the corporate world, event planning and as an entrepreneur. All were wonderful jobs, but something was always missing. I began to remember dowsing with my grandfather as a child for water for his farm. He also used the energy of the pyramids to grow his young seedlings faster and stronger than the other farmers. Over the years, I had forgotten all those wonderful experiences. It was not until decades later that I realized that I had also forgotten who I was, who I was truly born to be. But now, I remember who I am.

So, in 2013, along with my sister, we created Spiritual Fusions as a way we could pursue that which made our hearts sing. We have both grown through this journey and she concentrates on healing work and educating others in her work. And I continue to create wonderful spiritual products with my alchemist soul and bring people together to experience that which make their own heart and soul sing.

After years of participating in expos, conferences, and festivals, I wanted to go back to producing such events. I then sought out an advisor to help me bring a psychic and healing arts expo to the mountains. Thus, “Illuminate – the Psychic and Healing Arts Expo” was born. I am so thankful for producing seven wonderful expos as Illuminate. I endeavor to continue to produce coherent events that reflect the positive nature of our holistic, metaphysical, and alternative health communities with a strong emphasis on personal growth and education. Spiritual Fusions has grown to not only provide spiritual products, but also events, empowerment groups and excursions with the goal of brightening your own spiritual journey.


It’s great having an idea and being able to make it come to life and I am thankful to have support from a wonderful team. I truly enjoy spending time surrounded by other like-minded people in an often fun, fast-paced environment.  I like to refer my immense appreciation and enjoyment of juggling all the different aspects of life as "mindful chaos" and then take that "mindful chaos" and streamline it bring smooth running, enjoyable experiences to others.

I feel blessed to share this journey with every soul I meet whether through my alchemy of spiritual products or bringing people together to brighten their spiritual journey. 

Love & Light to All!